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(hkmobile.vn) – Proverbs and folk songs about lotus flowers contribute significantly to the diversity and meaning of the treasure of Vietnamese folk songs and proverbs. So what thoughts are conveyed in the folk songs about the lotus?

  1. Lotus image in proverbs, folk songs about lotus
  2. The beauty of nature, country, and people through folk songs about lotus flowers
  3. Couple’s love in folk songs about lotus
  4. Idioms and proverbs about lotus flowers

As familiar as the image of the banyan tree, the wharf, the communal house yard, … the lotus flower gently moves from the simple life into the lyrical folk songs and philosophical proverbs. Let’s enjoy the sentences proverbsinging about the lotus to not only understand the beauty of this flower but also understand the messages that our ancestors sent.

1. Lotus image in proverbs and folk songs about lotus flowers

Lotus is a flower that has both color and fragrance. The beauty and living conditions of the lotus flower are accurately summed up in the folk song:

“In what beautiful dress with lotus,

Green leaves with white flowers and yellow stamens

Yellow stamens, white flowers, green leaves,

Nearly mud that does not stink of mud.”

From these characteristics, the lotus is said to symbolize the things of resilience, purity, and detachment in life. The lotus flower in Buddhism also contains many profound thoughts. The lotus flower represents peace, prosperity and enlightenment. Lotus is also the embodiment of the law of cause and effect reincarnation. The lotus represents the past, the lotus represents the present, and the lotus seed represents the future, continuity. With such spiritual values, the lotus deserves to become the national flower of our Vietnamese people.

When entering the sentences Idioms, proverbs, folk songs about the lotus flower, this flower plays the role of highlighting the beauty of Vietnamese people. It can be the gentle, graceful and pure beauty of Vietnamese women. It can also be the ethereal, indomitable page of a gentleman, not easily discouraged by the temptation of fame and fortune, always keeping a pure mind in any situation.

Above all, the soul of every Vietnamese person is likened to a fragrant lotus flower. No matter where you live and in any situation, you still keep your pure white and high bar. In addition, lotus flowers and lotus ponds are also objects of love, a place to express the feelings of couples in the past. Idioms, proverbs or articles folk About the lotus flower are also songs praising the beauty of the good lands in our country.

2. The beauty of nature, country, and people through folk songs about lotus flowers

Not only the folk song about the lotus, but almost every song also exalts the beauty of nature, the country and the people of Vietnam. The idyllic and close verses in the folk songs about the lotus flower have long been ingrained in the spiritual life of the people and anyone can read at least one folk song about this flower. Let’s take a look at some of the best folk songs about the lotus.

1. Lotus blooms beautifully in the lagoon

The pure scent quietly spreads

Love cultivates every day

Now, the flower is full of excitement.

2. Please give the lotus a sweet color

Thank you for the pure, rainy, sunny life

Laughter is always on your lips

Peace of mind, standing and sitting with incense.

3. When I see coconuts, I miss Ben Tre,

Seeing a lotus reminds me of Thap Muoi countryside.

4. Who goes to Chau Doc, Nam Vang?

Passing Dong Thap, you will see thousands of lotus flowers.

5. Who goes to Dong Thap to see,

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Lotus, water lily bloom over the golden rice.

6. Invite each other to swim in the lotus pond,

The water is in the shade, the incense is next to me.

Just spend the jade garden, Quynh pond

The countryside is still charming.

7. Who gave lotus flowers a tub?

Who used to compare lemon star fruit with pomegranate pear.

8. Guess who can be like a lotus,

Around the red wings, between the yellow stamens.

Yellow stamens, flowers, green leaves

Nearly mud that does not stink of mud.

9. Tinh Tam Lake is rich in white lotus,

The land of Huong Can is sweet and tangerine.

Who came to Thanh Toan tile bridge,

Wait here with a group for fun!

10. Lotus lagoon, reed beach, Melaleuca forest

The sutra is long all over the land, green rice covers the sky.

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11. Deep rivers do this,

Who made you come here to meet me?

Peach lotus looks green,

Good pearls must be expensive, good girls must be charming.

Let the fairies meet the fairies again,

The phoenix is ​​easy to stand by the chickens.

12. Floating in flowing water

When the water floods, duckweed sits on the lotus head.

13. Lotus grows on muddy sandy beach

Even though it’s slick, there’s still lotus sprouts

Jasmine grows on the riverside

Although green is still beautiful.

14. Her body is like a lotus petal,

We’re like ducks, we can’t get in

God for all the showers,

For thunder and lightning, for storms and strong winds,

Let the lotus sink, duckweed climb up!

15. Star lotus is good at keeping color,

The nóng sun is not light, the oil rain does not fade.

16. My wrist is as white as ivory

Your eyes glance like knives

Smile like a dandelion

The head scarf is like a lotus flower.


17. The day when holding a lotus bud

The night when I turned on the lamp I looked at.

18. Sen, keep a hundred lines

Close to the mud but can’t absorb the smell of mud

Gratitude to remember and cultivate

The rich do not like, the poor do not despise.

19. Whoever plays, we play together

Play the gentleman lotus, play the macho.

20. When will lotus grow in the East Sea?

Father and son of the Nguyen family carried each other.

21. Talent is like a flower

Fragrant lotus flowers and beautiful fresh camellias.

22. Tell us about people’s habits

Less is lotus chrysanthemum, more is seaweed.

23. I am the daughter of a rich family,

Dress well, enter the lotus court.

I am the daughter of a coward,

Dress in rags, mon men in the summer.


24. Deep green leaves of compassion

Brave branches stretch straight, escape from the mud

Raise the color of the crystallized mind

Blooming into a sparkling flower in the middle of life.

25. Nothing in the world is cheaper than Beo,

When the water flooded, Beo climbed onto Sen.

There is nothing better in the world than Sen,

The people love the people, but they are also spoiled.

26. Even though love is bitter

Love without resentment, this heart hurts

Faithfully keep the color intact

Beautiful fresh lotus bloom, raise your head arrogantly.

27. Dan Chau Tuan few people know how to strum,

Tam Ky flute few people know how to listen.

Who turns that bamboo upside down,

Who brought only brocade that car heart lamp.

Who gave gold and stones to compete,

Who gave the ducklings a tub of lotus seeds.

28. Lotus grows on the wrong sandy beach

Even though it’s slick, there’s still lotus sprouts

Jasmine grows on the riverside

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Although good varieties are still jasmine.

29. Thap Muoi lotus is fragrant

Thap Muoi rice is full of cotton seeds.

30. Go to the temple and break a lotus branch

Eat rice by lamp, go to the moon light

Did your father have a date?

Light the lamp, we will play the moon outside on the porch

Pray for warm inside and outside.

31. Lotus grows in the white lotus field

Thap Muoi land lotus is still fresh in the rain

The lotus is like a human

As beautiful as the daughter of Thap Muoi in our hometown.

3. Couple love in folk songs about lotus

Originally a folk lyrical genre, so folk songs about the lotus cannot lack the expression of love between the couple. This is a theme expressed deeply and clearly in Vietnamese folk songs and proverbs.

The feelings expressed in folk songs about lotus are very meaningful, gentle and graceful. At the same time, we also feel the sincerity and simplicity in the mind. In every lyric about the lotus flower, it also reflects the romantic and the flight of old couples.

1. The lotus bud blooms in the middle of the lake,

Raise your hand to break fear in a temple with a monk

If there is a monk, then there is a monk,

If you raise your hand, you will be damaged.

2. I’ve been stuck for a long time,

Release the lotus without seeing the lake to visit the lotus

For a long time he was busy with housework,

Headphones sound like you have a pair.

I thought that if the lotus was released, the flowers would be fresh and the leaves would be good.

Who knows half of the leaves fall, flowers dry

No more flowers and pistils, what to do when coming to the lake!

3. When will you be a couple?

Like the Pure Land lotus, one bud and two flowers.

4. Dude let me get acquainted

lest I float like a lotus in the middle of a lake.

5. Getting used to the crossbow should get used to it

Floating on the water like a lotus in a lake.

6. Ducks go down to bathe in the lotus pond

Oh my God! Long time no see you once.


7. It’s been a while since I’ve been used to it

Did the lake have lotus flowers yet?

The lake is still crawling with clear water

For a long time, I only devoted myself to waiting for lotus.

8. Lotus away from lake, dry lotus, terrarium,

Willow far peach, reclining willow, slanting peach.

I’m far from you, like a wharf away from a boat,

Like Thuy Kieu far from Kim Trong, know how many years to return.

9. The day when holding a lotus bud

The night when I turned on the lamp I looked at.

10. Lotus is far from the lake, the lake is dry, and the lake is dry,

Pomegranate pomegranate leaning pomegranate upside down.

The gold you hold in your hand falls down without bothering,

Only bothering a predestined love is not round.

11. The other mirror let the dust fade,

River has Nhi Ha, mountain has Tan Vien.

Then how to miss the fate,

The moon still shines on the lotus area of ​​Tay Ho.

12. Loving her husband cooks porridge.

Cook pumpkin soup, cook lotus seed tea.

13. Put your feet down in the swamp

It’s so bitter, so it’s just a mistake

Sincerely, I’m sorry too

The lotus pond is drained, whoever stinks will enter.

lotus flower-6

14. Cut off the lotus, while the silk is still shining,

Cut the love wire, there is no knife!

15. In the afternoon, ducks wade through lotus flowers,

Let him get acquainted for a few days.

16. Yesterday slapping water at the top of the house

Forgot the shirt on the lotus branch

If you can, please give it to me

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Or are you to make news in the house?

Austria he chipped wrong directions

His wife has not yet, the old mother has not sewn

My shirt is chipped only a long time ago

Mai borrowed her to sew for the end.

After that, he will pay

When I have a husband, I will help

Help me with a basket of sticky rice

A fat pig, a jar of toothpicks.

Help me lie down

The blankets I cover, the silkworms I wear

Help me with eight coins

Quan five wedding money back pass chamber.

17. This leaf is called oval peach,

How do you call it, dear?

Potato leaves I thought lotus leaves,

Moon shadow he thought the light bulb he played.

18. Unfortunately the lotus blooms over the water lily

The phoenix landed on a dry pine branch.

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4. Idioms and proverbs about lotus flowers

As well as the proverbs, old proverbs, idioms, proverbs about the lotus that summarize the Life experience, the teachings of his father. Through the fragrant, colorful beauty of the lotus flower, the lessons and teaching implications are conveyed simply and easily.

1. Pen with lotus flower: It refers to a person with outstanding literary talent, each sentence and verse is written like a lotus flower blooming on paper.

2. Ao dai is a shirt made of leaves of larva, a plant that grows under water, black tubers with two sharp horns, containing a lot of white powder; Pantyhose: Pants made of lotus leaves. The proverb refers to the recluse who is isolated from the worldly life.

3. Dig a pond to drop lotus, make yeast to brew dough: The proverb contains two layers of meaning. Literally, if you want to release the lotus, you have to dig a lake, if you want to make yeast, you have to brew the dough. The figurative meaning is to invest and practice hard to get the desired results.

4. Or not contagious, lotus does not spread mud: The proverb says that people who are truly talented and virtuous are not affected by being near bad people.

5. Peach lotus root: Only people are in their youth.


Above is a collection of idioms, proverbs, and folk songs about lotus flowers. Hopefully these suggestions will help readers gain new knowledge as well as increase their love for this flower with color and fragrance, ethereal and pure.


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