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Photodex Proshow Producer 5, Photodex Proshow Producer V5

1 . The layers ( Layers )• Add an unlimited number of layers to any slide show .

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• Drag and drop to easily add content to a slideshow .• Supports over 100 file types , formats supported RAW files of some types of cameras , digital video cameras .• Transparency support for PSD, PNG , TIFF and GIF .• Move any layer into a mask ( mask ) to conceal or reveal a portion of the bottom layer .• Add color gradient ( gradient ) or heterogeneous ( solid ) on a class presentation for the results strangely .• There are many transition effects for individual layers .• Help make faster and more easily by using the slideshow templates available .• Easily restore lost files or move from one slide with the new Find Missing Files feature . Lets take pictures in the frame to slide into a JPEG .2 . Editorial images (Edit )• Has the image editing tools to sharpen , adjust color …• Create picture frames , Border images or videos with new patterns .• Creating effects opening cinematic style ( Hollywood – style ) with new Chroma Key Transparency tool .• Allow editing opacity ( opacity ) for any layer on a slide .• Create photo slideshow for depth by adjusting the color and opacity of a shadow on any layer on a slide .• Crop and rotate photos or videos correctly .• There is support tools to remove red -eye photos .3 . Switch (motions )• Add as many moving objects rotate ( pan ) , zoom ( zoom ) and rotate ( rotate ) for any layer on a slide , similar to the real movies .• Zoom 2 X and Y for a particular class .• Create complex motion paths by setting the slider key point of time frames .

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• You can preview the slide is selected , allowing to accurately position your photos and videos on a slide . Implement control timing shown by a progress bar ( Slide Timeline) in ProShow Producer 3.0 . Can switch back and forth between regular list interface ( Slide List ) and Timeline format to accurately synchronize the audio with certain scenes in the slideshow .4 . Captions ( Captions )• Allows you to select the font , font size and color of captions ( caption ) on the slideshow . Animate your captions with more effects are excellent , superior to the previous version . There are many new caption styles , feature , caption line spacing and caption character .• Add interactive captions to launch actions like Stop – Pause , Resume – Resume , Next Slide – Next Slide , Previous Slide show – Previous Slide , Write Email – Email … and much more .5 . Music and Audio ( Music and Sounds )• Drag and drop files into MP3 or WAV audio performance .• Save an audio track directly from a CD and drop it into the slideshow .• Crop and creating sound effects ( effect) with the built -in Audio Trimmer , track waveform audio built-in slide list .6 . Backgrounds ( Backgrounds )• You can use the same color , the color gradients ( gradients ) , or as a background for the video slideshow . You can also use the built-in backgrounds of programs available .• Allows control to adjust the level of background content .7 . The output format of ProShow Producer• DVD , VCD .• Autorun CD ( CD autorun ) .• synthetic running EXE file .• Share via email slideshow , free online sharing and slideshow on the web .• Streaming Flash video .• Compressed AVI ( compressed AVI ) or Uncompressed AVI ( uncompressed AVI ) .• Quicktime video ( MOV ) .• High-definition video ( HD ) , Windows Media Video ( WMV ) .• MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 .

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• The screen saver ( Screensaver ) .

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