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Poetry analysis: Pain on behalf of women The word that fate is also a common word

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Where’s the sections guitar“The word of fate is also a common word” is a famous verse of Nguyen Du – a great national poet. In this article, let’s learn and analyze the meaning of the poem as well as the great poet wants to convey to us!

Poetry analysis: Not only women, but also common words – Exercise 1

Nguyen Du (1765 – 1820) was a great poet of the Vietnamese nation at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. He has been confirmed as a Global Cultural Celebrity. Although he came from each class of feudal mandarins, Nguyen Du’s life had to go through many adventures and hardships. Therefore, he sympathizes with the people, especially with the unfortunate fate of women in the leprosy and disabled society. In Tales of Kieu, Nguyen Du borrows the words of Thuy Kieu, a talented and doomed girl, to talk about a woman’s catastrophic fate:

“Where is the female substitute,

That silver word is also a common word. “

The verse is so sad, so sad, like a lament at an extremely unreasonable and unfair fate for women. Unfortunately, in the feudal society, fate has become the common fate of many red-faced people.

Fate is a fragile, unscrupulous number, broadly speaking, a life with many calamities and sorrows. Unlucky people have a long life, a malicious website, or tragically die prematurely.

Nguyen Du broke the heart of the person who wrote the poem as if there were tears and blood flowing. Behind that word rather than system device is a bitter, brutish enforcement: an unjust feudal society that dared to decry the dignity of women.

Men and women are respected in society, women are deprived of all legitimate rights. They have become succinctly tied to requirements from feudal rites and outmoded concepts such as three obediences, tutet, most men write right, ten women write in, foreign women… fate they complete. The whole depends on the other hand. Drives, they are treated as goods, used to sell, barter. Poems Floating Water Cake by Tiger Xuan Huong, Tales of Kieu by Nguyen Du have vividly presented painful situations.

Ho Xuan Huong likens a woman’s identity to a floating cake: Her body is both white and round, Seven floats and three sinks with water, Torn snakes change color by hand painted… Nguyen Du describes her life full of hardships and storms. : Shop quickly to sell floating, what do you remember when floating cake; When Wuxi, when Lam Tri, Where is cheating, pity … A talented and perfect daughter may have to live warmly with her parents, be happy with her lover, but black forces, decay in money society God, but take her all the best and ruthlessly dig the dirt into the mud at the bottom of society. Every time Kieu is determined to achieve complete victory, victory over fate is a time when she sinks deeper.

From Thuy Kieu’s silver life, the house in general became a common word, the miserable life of a woman. Literature once talked about the tragic and unjust death of the daughter of Nam Xuong (Nguyen Du); a personnel of war and unjust feudal rites. Or a Dam Tien, who is famous for her talent and integrity, has to fall into the following scene: Lady Tong, Harm people down to be husbands. In the old society, how many Dam Tien girls like that?

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Verse: Where’s the guitar section… Not only is it a cry of pity, but it is also a denunciation and condemnation of the inhuman architectural mechanism, mercilessly stepping on the dignity of women in general and women in particular. By that it contains sublime meaning.

Under the new preeminent mechanism, women are respected by their families and society: Their roles are properly assessed. It is these things that have liberated women from today’s irrational constraints, awakening their endless strength in the construction and growth of the river. Not in today’s life has really ended the unfair notions towards women, but the level of mediocrity and acts that offend women’s dignity and are condemned by society’s surveillance.

Although born nearly two centuries ago, Nguyen Du’s passionate verses still deeply touch the hearts of readers. It is both a systematic lament of the great sufferings of human life and a condemnation of the evil architectural mechanism that tramples on the dignity of women. Readers for generations have received from these two verses the message of Nguyen Du: Find women, protect women and return them to their rightful, authentic but created place. sustain human life on earth.

Poetry analysis: Not only women, but also common words – Exercise 2

This woman born in the world always uses beautiful words such as “willow weak peach silk” and then back to “excellent beauty”, “compassionate speech”. That’s all but true woman is confirmed. It can be said that a woman is like a fragrant flower for life. But Nguyen Du, a great poet about the life of a flower named Thuy Kieu, ended with a meaningful sentence:

“Where is the female part

That silver word is also a common word.”

What does that saying mean? Nguyen Du talked about the difficult life of Miss Kieu, then spoke sentences with profound philosophical meaning. The verse above the author wants to talk about the fate of women. The author uses an inversion solution to push the two words “pain” to the beginning of the sentence to show the feeling of great pity for the fate of weak willow women. The author means to say that the number of women is inherently very silver. Like the poem “Talent but trustworthy / The word talent is associated with one syllable word”. The more beautiful a woman is, the more rosy cheeks and talented she is. Is that opinion correct?

First of all, look at the characters themselves, but Nguyen Du put both emotions and grammar to create. Really, but for a girl so beautiful that “Jealousy flowers lose to green willows” and “A pentatonic chord / Own profession eats up a program” like Kieu, must have a happy life. happy and happy with her natural beauty and talent. But that woman is not what we think. Kieu has to clean up two turns of the y bar twice. My lovers can’t be together, I have to ask my sister to connect with him. The rest I stayed in other places, through the hands of many men. Even if she wanted to die, God wouldn’t let her die. She still has to live a full life for this person. It was the contrast between her resources and her battle. She wants to be happy but her society does not allow her to be happy. Perhaps the more talented you are, the more silver you will be.

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Or like the character Me in the work of the A Phu couple. A beautiful Hmong girl is gentle and kind, not only that, but she has a filial heart towards her parents, self-respect and has a very good flute-playing talent. Thought that she would become a girl with a happy life like others. The but she did not escape the situation of being indebted to the system manager in the version. Life turned her into a lonely girl like an adopted child in a corner, only able to be present when she went and familiar jobs that kept repeating but only.

Those are the dictionary shapes for multi-talented but unlucky girls. It presents Nguyen Du’s pain when it comes to the status of women. It is the opposite of their color and life. But here Nguyen Du is talking about women in general, not just talented women like Thuy Kieu. Is it possible that someone who is female is also silver?. Similarly, Nguyen Du wants to show sympathy for the fates of disadvantaged women, not women who have the same fate. We know one thing that it is the society they live in that makes their talents valued and used for the purpose of profiting on that same talent. So their coefficient generation like that is largely caused by society but they live.

Is the saying of the great poet still true in today’s society? Today, there is no longer the power to donate to the point of binding people, but when men and women are equal, it is also the time when women’s talents are known and increased to enrich the country itself. It doesn’t harm their part numbers, but it also benefits them. All multi-talented or too good is also very complicated because many people are jealous. Those people who are willing to harm you knock you down so that they are on top. But if you have really financial, they want to kick you down, it is also very difficult. This show, the more talented people are, the happier they are about successful lives and choosing worthy people for themselves.

Similarly, we see that Nguyen Du’s statement is only true for the fate of women in the old society. Today, although there are talented people who are unlucky, it is not a rule. It is just drop into a number of a people that that only. That’s why if you’re miserable, you shouldn’t think of your talent and should be miserable. Anyway, we can see the poet’s pity for the fate of women.

Verse analysis: Not only women, but also common words – Exercise 3

It can be said that a woman at birth is seen as a flower that gives off the fragrance of life. However, in the story of Kieu by the great poet Nguyen Du, it tells about the fate of Kieu’s life, the sentence has a profound meaning, if we experience it, we will see the beauty in that sentence.

“Where is the female part

That silver word is also a common word.”

The sentence on Kieu’s miserable life then speaks of profound philosophies. The language to push the two verses up as “pain” shows a very sad mood for the fate of the weak willow woman. The author meant to say that the fate of a woman who was born was inherently miserable, in the past, the more beautiful and talented a woman, the more silver she was. Is that opinion correct?

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To know if the above opinion is true or not, let’s first learn about Nguyen Du’s grammar that puts emotions in the character. To be honest, we also have to raise the bar in front of a beautiful girl like Kieu to the point that “Jealousy flowers lose to the green willow”, “The five-syllable bow / Private profession eats away the profile”. Fortunately, like Kieu, she must benefit from a rich, full and happy life, but it is not as good as we think, on the other hand, it is the opposite and has to wait twice. drowned. She has all the resources but doesn’t benefit from what she has.

Or as in the work of husband and wife A mantle with the character My, a beautiful young girl with a talent for blowing air, thinking that life would be like a dream, but she was forced to return to be a wife and a bride in the house. to pay off debt for the family. All day, I only know how to hide in the corner of the door, then I only know how to do repetitive and boring things, and are considered as objects.

All are dictionaries for talented but unlucky fate. The verse presents Nguyen Du’s pain when talking about the status of women, but here Nguyen Du wants to talk about the status of old feudal women, not just Thuy Kieu. Here, the giants, excitedly want to show the sympathy of the unfortunate and unlucky, not everyone is the same. It was during the feudal period that men respected men and women, so women’s talents were always respected and not respected.

So for today that saying is still true? Currently, the social mechanism is mediocre, so there are no people who are constantly tied, it is also time to let the talents of women be known and enrich their own rivers. . If you have real resources and beauty, you will be happier in the future thanks to your efforts and determination.

Similarly, Nguyen Du’s sentence shows us the fate of women in the past. Remaining in the present day, talent is increasingly important and growing. Anyway, we can see the poet’s sympathy and pity for the fate of women.

Here is a suggested article to analyze the poem:Where is the female substitute, Words of misfortune are also common words” – famous verse of the great poet Nguyen Du. Hopefully the article will help you in the process of learning and practicing. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below to discuss!

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