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Lesson content Making an outline for the following narrative essay is compiled in accordance with the textbook program. Please refer to it to make homework simple and effective.

Article table of contents:
1. Composition No. 1
2. Component No. 2
3. Essay number 3

Prepare an outline of a narrative essay on page 46 of the 10 Literature Textbook, volume 1

Writing an outline for a narrative essay, Short lesson 1


Questions 1.

The article recounts the process before going into the composition of the work “The Serpent Forest”

Verse 2.

To prepare an outline for a narrative essay, we need to have the following ready:

  • Generating ideas for articles
  • The plot, characters, events, actions are predicted in advance
  • Specifically with the outline for the lesson


Questions 1.
– Choose topic 1
– Title: After that night

1. Opening lesson
On a rainy and windy night, Ms. Dau ran away from the mandarin’s house alone, fortunately met a revolutionary cadre and from there, she came to her senses and followed the destiny.

2. Body
– When the August Revolution broke out, Ms. Dau actively participated in the resistance war, propagandizing to mobilize the people to stand up and fight.
– She and the people stood up to rob the government, destroy Japan’s granaries and give to the poor.

3. Conclusion
Loved and trusted by the people, she was elected as the representative of revolutionary leadership.

Verse 2.

* Before making an outline:
– Brainstorm ideas
– Story building

* Make a structured outline consisting of 3 parts:
– Opening lesson: introduce the story
– Body of the post: happenings of events
– Conclusion: give your thoughts about a typical character or particular in the story


Questions 1.
MB: A has long been known as a model student in the class, diligently studying well, loved by teachers and friends. But just because her parents often work away from home, A gradually neglects her studies and becomes a bad student.

– I’m bored when my parents don’t care
– Personality changes
+ Do not focus on studying, often skip school to go out, exchange, meet bad friends.
+ Arguing with parents, lying to parents.

– The teacher noted and advised like A should learn
– Ask teacher A to see her mistakes and try to improve herself.

KB: draw lessons, reaffirm the problem.

Verse 2.

1. Opening lesson
Mai and Lan have been close friends since childhood. But because of the poor family, Lan could not afford to go to school, so she was forced to drop out of school halfway when she was ready to graduate from high school.

2. Body
– Not seeing Lan coming to class, Mai went home to meet her friends and Mai shared her story.
– After knowing the story, Mai mobilized her classmates to join hands to help Lan have money to go back to school.
– Mai and Lan both got into their dream school

3. Conclusion

Draw a lesson for yourself through the above story

Writing an outline for a narrative essay, Short essay 2


1. In the passage, what does writer Nguyen Ngoc talk about?
The writer tells about the process of thinking and getting ready to compose the short story “The forest of sa nu”.

2. What did you learn from the writer’s narrative in the process of generating ideas and making an outline to outline a narrative essay?
To be ready to write a narrative essay, you need to generate ideas, make a plan (maybe the beginning and end of the story), and then think and imagine about the characters according to their relationships. . and state specific, typical and fancy events that create the circumstances.
The steps for making an outline consist of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

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1. Topic 1: After that night, Ms. Dau met a revolutionary cadre and was awakened. During the General Uprising in August 1945, Ms. Dau led a group of peasants to rob the district power, destroy Japanese granaries, and distribute them to the poor.
– Introduction: After escaping from the old mandarin house, Ms. Dau met a revolutionary cadre.
– Body of the post:
+ The August uprising broke out, and Mrs. Dau returned to the village.
With a sense of revolution boiling over, Ms. Dau led a protest group to the district to rob the government and destroy the Japanese granaries.
+ Returning victorious, she saved Mr. Dau from prison and distributed rice to poor households.
+ Later, Mr. Dau was also awakened to the revolution, the couple together with the Party and the people fought the enemy to save the country.
– Conclusion: Life after participating in the revolution improved, Ms. Dau and the people actively made merit.

2. How to make an outline for a narrative essay
– Before making an outline, it is necessary to think about choosing a topic and determining the topic of the article. From the topic, the topic, it is necessary to imagine and state the main features of the episode. The plot can follow the structure: opening – body (movement, climax) – ending.
– General outline:
+ Introduction: introduce the story (situation, space, period, character, …).
+ Body: the main events and details according to the development of the story.
+ Ending: ending the story (can state the character’s feelings, or a very brilliant and meaningful specific one).


1. Make an outline for an essay telling the story: “A good student made some mistakes in the “mind of weakness” but promptly sobered, “won himself…”, rose up in life. live, in learning.

– Opening lesson: introduce the story (a student who studied hard but was invited to play video games by his friends a lot, so he neglected to study but was able to wake up by reading a book by Nguyen Ngoc Ky about the will to rise. live through adversity).

– Body of the post:
++ Linh is a diligent student, good at English and always at the top of her class.
++ In the middle of the semester, Linh became more and more close to a group of bad friends who invited friends to go out and play video games.
++ At first, Linh accompanies just to watch, then likes to rush into the game. The more she played, the more excited she became. Linh forgot to eat, sleep, and study just because she was engrossed in playing video games. Academic achievement is not maintained, increasingly outdated.
++ Being forced to go to a bar by her mother after not coming home for 2 days, Linh was ashamed to go to school.
++ The homeroom teacher came to visit and brought a book about Nguyen Ngoc Ky.
++ The next morning, I excitedly went to class and asked her for more homework to do.
++ Linh tried her best to start over again and took 1st place in the class.

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– Conclusion: Linh’s lesson about falling in a moment of weakness is a wake-up call for all students.

2. Make an outline for an essay that tells a story that happened in life.

– Opening lesson: introduce the story: the kind-hearted innkeeper, supports students by cooking rice every day, reducing rent for people in need.

– Body of the post:
++ In the midst of Hanoi’s chaotic life, people race to make money, but the owner of the restaurant in Co Nhue still wholeheartedly supports the students with sincere affection, not wanting to get rich.
++ Every day, he cooks for his students, so that after tired studying hours, everyone can rest and relax.
++ I am willing to reduce the rent to support poor students.
++ Your love is well received and loved by everyone
++ Until one day when he was old, he passed away because of a brain tumor, leaving many regrets for his students and neighbors.

– Conclusion: Your kind heart is widely known and spread on television. Even though you’re gone, your heart will always stay.

Writing an outline for a narrative essay, Lesson 3 is short

Idea generation, planning

First.In the passage, writer Nguyen Ngoc recounts the story of the process of thinking and being ready to compose the short story “The forest of sa nu”.

2. From the author’s narration, lessons can be drawn:
First, to be ready to write a narrative text, it is necessary to generate ideas, plan, think and imagine about the characters and events, specifically representing the plot. Next, we need to make an outline (from general to specific) consisting of 3 parts: introduction – body – conclusion.

Make a sketch

Question 1 (page 45 of Textbook of Literature 10, Volume 1): Outline an essay that tells one of two stories:

Thread 1 Topic 2
Title “After that dark night…” “Bomb hatch cover pusher”
Preamble After escaping from the old mandarin’s house, Ms. Dau met a revolutionary cadre. Being awakened to the revolution, she became a volunteer youth, participating in the resistance war. The resistance war against the French colonialists broke out, Dong Xa village was occupied by the enemy, but Ms. Dau defied the danger to keep the cadres hidden.
Body – The August Revolution broke out, Mrs. Dau returned to the village…
– She participates in propaganda so that everyone can fight together.
– Revolutionary sense of the boiling, Ms. Dau led the protest group to the district to destroy the granary of Japan.
– The French army swept to find officers.
– The atmosphere in the village is tense. But at Ms. Dau’s house, the officers were still led by her to the secret cellar to hide.
-The French army came, searched, and the Rooster was not afraid, calmly replied, forced them to leave.
End The demonstration was successful, she was trusted by the people and became a revolutionary leader in the locality. Ms. Dau’s house became a hiding place for cadres during the revolution.

Question 2 (page 46 of Textbook of Literature 10, Volume 1): How to outline for a narrative essay:
– Step 1: Before making an outline, you need to think about choosing a topic, choosing a topic and problem, and then sketching through the details.
– Step 2: From the topic, the theme of the story, the writer must imagine and intelligently figure out the main features that make up the plot. The plot can be based on the life and fate of the main character or based on the development of the main event.
– Step 3: Based on the outline (3 parts), find the elements that make up the work: The reason, the space where the story occurs, the details in the story, the characters and their relationships, natural scenes , main. dialogue, character mood…
– Step 4: Systematize the above stages with specific outlines.

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Question 1 (page 46 of the 10th Literature Textbook, Volume 1): Based on Lenin’s words, make an outline:

Preamble: An was originally a diligent student, loved by teachers and friends.
– Because her parents were busy at work and did not have time to be with her, An was invited by bad friends.

Post content:
– Failing to receive attention from his family, An became depressed.
– An gradually becomes a different person
+ In class: not listening to lectures, avoiding video lessons, gathering bad friends.
+ Stay at home: often quarrel, lie to parents and run away from home.
– The teacher noticed the change in An, she advised An to go back to school
– An sees his mistake and gradually returns to his old self, despite bad friends inviting him to hang out.

End: – Affirm that victory is a victory to be proud of
– Draw lessons for yourself.

Question 2 (page 46 of Textbook of Literature 10, Volume 1): Make an outline to write about a story that happened in your life

Preamble: – Character introduction: Binh and Nam
+ Binh was originally a disabled child, unable to walk.
+ Nam has been friends with Binh since childhood.
– In 6th grade, Binh’s father died, he was forced to drop out of school because there was no one to pick him up.

Post content: – On the day of admission, Nam did not see Binh coming to class.
– Nam came home to see Binh very sad.
After asking, Nam asked her mother to let Binh take Binh to class.
– The two of you studied together and passed the same provincial high school.

End: – Proclaiming the beautiful friendship of Binh and Nam
-Set an example of the two of you making more efforts in studying and appreciating what you have.

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