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Ghost Win Xp – Ghost Windows Xp Sp3 Full Soft Full Driver

In the following article, please guide to download and Ghost Win XP SP3 Full driver, specific software and detailed step by step with images, please refer and follow when you want to download and Ghost Win XP SP3 . Multi-configuration Ghost Win XP file, full Driver compatible.

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Like how ghost other operating systems, work Download Windows XP SP3, ghost Windows XP SP3 The same thing is done with simple formulas, but if there is any difficulty, do not worry because let solve it for you. Talking a little about the benefits of Windows ghost and why ghost Windows instead of reinstalling like Windows 7, Windows 10. Windows XP is very poor at identifying drivers, and reinstalling Windows XP under the old mechanism is very time-consuming unlike Windows 7, 10 only 20 to 30 minutes is all done.

Instructions to download Windows XP SP3, ghost Windows XP SP3 full driver

Contrary to the installation, we use ghost Windows XP SP3 will be a lot faster, instead of taking nearly hours to install and find drivers, now we only have to spend about 15 to 20 minutes for the whole process. fully bundled driver with Windows XP SP3 full driver, soft.

How to download Windows XP SP3, ghost Windows XP SP3 full driver

The necessary tools are included in the lesson:

– A USB with a minimum capacity of 4 GB, it is best to use the type of 8 GB or 16 GB.

– Grub4dos boot software, you download Grub4dos right here.

– Hiren BootCD software to create boot, you download Hiren BootCD compressed form here.

– Download the most complete driver installer, kit Ghost Win XP SP3 full driver, soft.

Guide ghost Windows XP SP3

Step 1: To be able to ghost Windows XP SP3 we first need to format USB back first.


Remember to choose the format FAT32 then press Start to perform USB format.


If there is a notice that all data will be deleted when you press format, click OK, got it to proceed with deletion.


Step 2: Next you Extract the software Grub4dos, Hiren BootCD on the computer, our turn into Grub4dos before and opening the file Its run by Administrator rights, this is the first step in creating boot for USB.


Step 3: On Grub4dos software please select Select the USB drive in the Disk section and in the section For Part List, select Whole disk (MBR). then press Install to load boot into USB.

Note: In case you cannot find a USB drive or Part list, just click Refresh a few times.


Step 4: After Install finished, you copy 2 files menu.lst and grldr in Grub4dos’s directory to the USB drive.

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Step 5: Next proceed to copy Entire folder in Hiren BootCD section that you unzipped above into the USB, after the copy is complete will get the image as below.


Step 6: Then you proceed to restart the computer to be able to enter the boot from the beginning when Windows boots. Readers can see more shortcut to Boot Option to know more about different models if you don’t know how to get in.


Step 7: In the interface of the Boot disk select Backup or Restore, this is the part we will use to ghost Windows XP SP3.


Then choose the most popular ghost software for Windows XP SP3 ghost Norton Ghost Normal.


Step 8: Once in the Ghost interface, please confirm OK, got it to start using the software.


Choose from the following Local> Parttion> From Image to perform ghost Windows XP SP3.


Step 9: Next, select the ghost file Windows XP SP3 that we downloaded at the beginning of the article Open to open.


Press Ok, got it to continue selecting partitions in the hard drive.


At this step there will be a few hard drives appear on the list, select the hard drive that you want to ghost Windows XP SP3, as shown in the image of the computer and USB drive. Of course we leave the default drive selected.


The last step before proceeding to ghost Windows XP SP3, you must carefully select the partition you want Windows XP SP3 ghost, if the wrong choice will accidentally lose data. Remember to see what drive you want to ghost Windows XP SP3 named.


A screen will appear asking the last time you want to proceed with the ghost Windows XP SP3 or not, of course we will choose Yes already.


And here you just need to wait for the software to perform ghost Windows XP SP3 for you, after it’s done, it will automatically install everything and can use Windows XP right away.


Click on it Reset Computer to restart your computer, after this step the system will automatically install the driver for you.


With the detailed instructions above, surely readers can also manually download Windows XP SP3, ghost Windows XP SP3 full driver, own their own standard and most complete version of Windows XP. In the process of conducting ghost win, if you have any questions, you can leave your questions here, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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In addition, you can download Ghost win 10, 8, or Win 7 here:

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Download Ghost Win 8 64bitDownload Ghost Win 8 32bit And a faster way Windows XP SP3 ghost is to use Onekey Ghost, a simple but effective ghost support software, readers can ghost Win XP with Onekey Ghost to reduce the time and stage of implementation. on.

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