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Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto Mugen 2015 Pc Game, Legacy Mugen 2015

In this opportunity I’m gonna share you the amazing heroes battle game. All the characters of Dragon Ball VS Naruto MUGEN 2015 game is adapted from the movie. Have you watched both anime movies ? If you have, you saw who are the heroes in those movies. In Dragon Ball, there is a hero as the main character named Songoku, while in Naruto there is a hero as the main character name Naruto Uzumaki. Both Songoku and Naruto have their own skills. If they meet in a battle, who will beat and win? Let you find the answer through download and play the game.

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We know that Songoku has an amazing skill called Kamehame. He can explode the whole universe with it. Then, can Songoku beat Naruto by using his Kamehame? I’m not sure. Naruto has many skills that can be used to beat his enemy. He is even accompanied by unbeatable monster in his body. Yes, it is Kyubi. Kyubi is a monster who live inside Naruto Body. Naruto has two kinds of Cakras. Furthermore, Songoku will get difficulties to kill Naruto because Naruto has Kagebunshin no jutsu. By having Kagebunshin, Naruto can creat fake bodys and make the copy of him into 1000 pieces.

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Do you still remember that kamehame can destroy universe or even galaxy? Yes, that is the power of kamehame. What about sharingan, may be it is not as powerful as Kamehame, but if it points to the target, they can die anyway. Naruto is tricky ninja, he knows how to be survive in any condition, and he can find the way how to kill his enemy. Naruto believe that all of his enemies has a weakness.The ability owned by both heroes which make Dragon Ball VS Naruto Mugen are deserve to download.

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If you are curious how those great figure meet in a battle, grab it and play it now. You can also find many more Naruto game in this site, such as Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5. Enjoy playing!


Dragon Ball Z VS Naruto Shippuden MUGEN 2015 PC Game
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