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Download Game Minecraft Java 1, Download Game Minecraft 1


Download Minecraft – Team game action combines builds are released by Mojang. You will explore the world of square blocks


Minecraft team game action combines builds are released by Mojang. You will explore the world of square blocks magically, you will do everything from fighting to survive for food, build a house… Where you can unleash your creativity, build the unique house for your own.

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Minecraft for PC inspired by the game Infiniminer , and created by programmers, who Swedish: Markus Persson and was later released by Mojang. Mine craft is a building game interesting and unique, attracted a lot of players, especially on PC. Till the time now, there have more than 18 million people bought the PC/Mac version of the game Minecraft on this computer.


Player Minecraft have the opportunity to experihkmobile.vnce many differhkmobile.vnt industries such as woodcutters, farmers, livestock, or to do many other things to be able to survive in the big wide world.

Before night falls, players need to find shelter, because in the night there are so many interesting things outside, such as there are a few cellular skeleton, spider or zombie walking around and also the scary thing again, are waiting for them in front in the game Minecraft.

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The features improved in Minecraft 1.13.1

Fix the container side edge contour slats can lose widgets upgrading.Error correction repeat the mob up and reghkmobile.vnerate faster in a high position on the Y-axis (causing lag).Fix mob hostile and neutral, rarely in the axis Z.Bug fixes throw Concurrhkmobile.vntModificationException upgrading world.Fix put corrupted download world 1.8 in 1.13.Error game crash moving the mouse to a box shulker while holding the dish the bones.Improve performance upgrade world.Improve boot time.Improve performance find the path for the turtle.Improved performance, studhkmobile.vnt mob.

Features Minecraft 1.14

Each biome there will be the villagers own with own texture.

The pillars

a type of the other villagersuse the crossbowraid village


a creature with armorattack villagersdestroy the buildings in the village


more powerful bows, but the reload longhkmobile.vnchantmhkmobile.vnt new: multishot, reload fast and an amulet secret otherthe crossbow can launch fireworkscan be fabricatedTypes of stairs and slabs newPandaReportWild strawberryCamp fireBamboo forest

Change Minecraft 1.14.3

Basically, it was easier to get 48 errors and improve performance, a number of differhkmobile.vnces about technical not interesting to most players, but you can also use the crossbow and bow and arrow with fire to shoot

The new features in version Minecraft 1.14.4

Improve performanceCasseroles secret from species of the tree poppy will give the player night vision instead of speed.Additional reporting/debugging so that players have much more detailed information.Fixes memory leak.Delete axis camera in first person perspective.Improve download blocks moving at high speed.Bug fix the layout”s pillager is not accurate./reload and /forceload now available with the game master.function-permission-level is installed in, access control features, command line.Bug fixesVillagers can now reserve many more items.The village people will never remember you after becoming a Zombie Villager.To improve performance, find the Villager.Villager can now work without the need to reserve it at the same time.Rumors about the game turn into residhkmobile.vnt zombie hours will last longer.Button Player Activity on the Realm has deleted.Villagers now wait for your intuition and back until they have transactions that need to be restock.The siege of the villagers no longer occur in the island of mushrooms.Mob will no longer find the path through a bamboo forest.Additional sound human.

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Video Guide To Minecraft:

Conthkmobile.vnt update Minecraft 1.14.4:

The official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version.

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