Get Windows 10 ISO & install it on your computer, this is a dedicated article for building an up-to-date Windows 10 ISO tệp tin on your computer. We’ve listed hassle-miễn phí methods to get Windows 10 ISO files for 32-bit or 64-bit machines. Before starting, you might want to lớn figure out your system’s architecture and if you have sầu the minimum space required to install windows 10. Users with modern computers get major updates early than everyone. Use the following liên kết và tips khổng lồ get the ISO tệp tin of the lakiểm tra Windows 10 version create a bootable USB & install it on a computer.

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This page contains latest Windows 10 version, for older search check the archive sầu page. For build 21H2 main article check the insider pReview article.

Build Windows 10 version 21H1 ISO

You can build the lakiểm tra 21H1 OS ISO on your computer using original files. It is a script that downloads all the necessary files from the Microsoft server và converts them to ISO files, you will always get the lathử nghiệm version of Windows 10. Choose from x64, arm64, và 32-bit versions. One significant benefit you won’t require is a manual update from Windows automatic updates. The script downloads UUPhường files from Microsoft servers và converts them to lớn ISO. 100% safe, original, và tested.

Ready-made ISO for Windows 10 21H1

This build you’ll get with this ISO is 19043.928, grab Rufus khổng lồ create a bootable USB.

Build Windows 10 (21H1) 19043.1151 ISO with Integrated updates


Download one of the following according lớn your computer architecture. The tool creates the lademo Windows 10 ISO file in the English language with Pro Edition.

Once you have sầu the zip file, extract it somewhere and run uup_download_windows.cmd file, the tool fetches UUPhường files from the Microsoft hệ thống later converting them lớn ISO for bootable USB creation.

Build or Download Windows 10 21H2 ISO

21H2 is currently co_release which is also knowns as Insider preview, we have sầu a separate article for that. But for easiness here are the liên kết.

Windows 10 version 21H2 ISO links (create ISO on your PC, with integrated updates)

Instruction to Homebrew Windows 10 ISO

You’ll need this guide if you were khổng lồ create an ISO using the tool.

After downloading the right version of tool on your computer. Extract the tool (zip file), right-cliông xã, & select Extract All option.
mở cửa the extracted folder, run UUP_download_windows.cmd file, this script is automated that downloads all the files using an open-source Aria2 tool. This is necessary lớn tải về multiple files at once.It doesn’t require any admin màn chơi privilege to lớn run.

TIP: To run this script on Linux, move the file to Home directory và comm& bash uup_download_linux.sh the same for MACOS.

This will take some minutes, use a high-speed mạng internet connection. You can see the progress inside the commvà prompt window and all the files that this tool download is from Microsoft hệ thống, so yes, there is no involvement of third-tiệc nhỏ files.

The tool downloading uup files from Microsoft servers

By mặc định, the tool will start to convert files lớn ISO once it fetches all required files. If you see some errors in downloading, simply close, và relaunch comm& prompt.

Once done, LZX compression và other tasks will take place. Updates are merged khổng lồ the final image, so you always get the lademo build version out of the box. In the over, the script will compile the ISO & saves it. Once you see Press 0 lớn exit, you’re done.
You can access the ISO file we just created going khổng lồ the same folder, congratulation for your home built original và safe operating system image.

You’re done here.

(Optional) Since you can anytime cchiến bại the comm& prompt & resume downloads later; in that case, manually trigger the ISO conversion with Convert-UUP tệp tin.


Update: This option is enabled by all downloads from hkmobile.vnmở cửa the config tệp tin và change AddUpdate value to 2 for a fast ISO creation.

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This is a faster process và won’t strain your PC, so the output will be around 4.x GB of 64-bit windows 10 Version 20H1.

Similarly, like installing Windows 10 Lean, where we’ve sầu shown you can use a tool lớn get original Windows 10 files from Microsoft servers và then automatically converting them to ISO files, it is a conventional và practical method.

Sidenote: If the tool is unable và taking longer you can download Windows 10 ready-made ISO và make a bootable media using Rufus.

Cheông chồng Your Windows Windows 10 version

Steps khổng lồ get the lakiểm tra Windows 10 version.

Download both files (the Windows 10 ISO from the link above with the latest KB update).Install Windows và vày not connect lớn the mạng internet until you finish installing it, now navigate to the update tệp tin và install KB update then restart your computer.

To ensure your Windows 10 is up to date and the version is 21H1, press Windows + I key combination khổng lồ open settings then navigate to system > about. To kiểm tra your Windows version. When your Windows is up lớn date lượt thích at the time of writing this article you will the below image.


Get Windows 10 20H2 ISO from Microsoft Site

Right now version 21H1 is available and 21H2 will be there in a few weeks.

Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft: (Use a điện thoại thông minh device for this method, on desktop Microsoft redirects to an nâng cấp page, here is a triông chồng khổng lồ get ISO using your computer).

Step 01. Head lớn this Microsoft page from a Mobile. If you’re visiting from a computer press CTRL + SHIFT + I then CTRL+SHIFT+M and choose a di động device.


Then select, Language & choose the architecture you need lớn tải về.


Windows 10 direct download link: You can directly save a Windows 10 ISO tệp tin to lớn a cloud lớn save the tệp tin in as many hours or days you want because Official Microsoft liên kết expire in 24-hours).

Windows 10 Installation guide.

The only tricky part was to get Windows 10 ISO, which you can burn lớn a USB flash drive sầu or to DVD & start the installation. However, here is an easy breakdown of all the steps you need to bởi khổng lồ install Windows 10 on your computer.

Step 1. Make bootable media –Use Rufus or any other tool lớn create bootable media. Chechồng this guide for more help.

Step 2. Start the setup –Just like the original Windows 10 thiết lập, you will be going through on-screen instructions that you need to lớn follow in order to lớn install Windows 10 Lean. You had throughout the process we have sầu a guide for that as well that you can kiểm tra here.

Step 3. Setup part –The second part is pretty much simple if you installed it through a bootable USB flash drive sầu now it’s time to lớn unplug it Windows will ask you khổng lồ trương mục information like for example what name bởi you want to use for your computer trương mục. If possible connect the computer to a Wi-Fi network when prompt so that way you will get the lathử nghiệm drivers automatically installed.

Now when Windows 10 is installed, here is how khổng lồ disable all of Windows 10’s Built-in Advertising in anniversary update builds.

Automatically Installing updates during initial Windows 10 installation. Full image

During the installation you’ll notice that the cài đặt will automatically install the lademo update, so you always have sầu the lathử nghiệm version of Windows 10.

Version 20H2 (OS build 19042)

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