Tải Win 7 Pro 32Bit

Download Window 7 ISO Professional Edition 64Bit x 32Bit

Download Windows 7 Professional ISO (64-Bit)

File: Windows 7 Professional ISOSize: 5.7 GBService Pack: SP1Version: 64-bit

Download Windows 7 Professional ISO (32-Bit)

File: Windows 7 Professional ISOSize: 3.9 GBService Pack: SP1Version: 32-bit

Windows 7 Professional ISO Download Overview

Windows 7 Professional (aka Win7 Pro) is the most favorite edition. Most of the features that you know & need are available in the Pro edition of Windows 7. It is the most suitable OS for most users.

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Pro edition has more features than Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium.

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Windows 7 Ultimate và Enterprise offer more features than Professional edition, but those features are usually not needed unless you have sầu a large business organization. Windows 7 Pro is enough for professionals and small businesses.

Salient Features of Windows 7 Professional


Improved performance.New look to thumbnails (Live).Direct tệp tin encryption from windows explorer.All features from trang chủ Premium plus more.Location-aware printing feature for Laptops, Tablets and Notebooks.Simple và efficient.XP Mode included.Comprehensive sầu backup.No more annoying notifications creating a nuisance for users.even much more…

Our Suggestion About Windows 7 Professional

If you are looking for a simple và secure operating system with both classical & advanced features, Windows 7 Professional would be your choice. OS is widely concerned about user’s security & experience is all terms, so give it a try now.

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