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Link Tải Win 8 64Bit – Windows 8 Free Download 32 Bit

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Microsoft Windows 8 is built-in with all necessary applications and drivers you need. Huge security improvements have been made and battery life is also facilitated. Just look at the beautiful sliding application screen how smoothly it is managed and divided into different sections.

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PC users always wanted and expected their windows applications to run smoothly and they wanted to control the OS same whey on different devices whether on Laptop, Tablet or Personal computer. Considering these points Windows 8 reflects a true image of dynamic structure and responsiveness as well, to suit any device anywhere.

If not 100%, but almost up to the level of satisfaction we can consider Windows 8 as a new Microsoft’s Ecosystem which has been maintaining its root quite successfully into the world of Operating Systems.

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Security Aspects of Windows 8:

Security in the operating system always worth a lot. Security in its comprehensive sense is referring to a phenomenon of controlling and securing OS itself and its user secrecy and protection. Windows 8 is blessed with a built-in security system including automated windows update, OS Defender and a reliable firewall. Not only this OS is in compatibility with any latest Antivirus solution and designed for its smooth running.

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Salient Features of Windows 8:

Stable releaseIntelligently switch between applicationsBuilt-in security system (firewall, windows defender and regular updates)Attractive start screen with swipe optionsSmooth and quick in operationBuilt-in driversXbox Music applicationsBeautiful interface and easy management of users accountMultiple media players to play your media conveniently

Windows 8 Free Download 32 Bit – 64 Bit ISO:

Download button below will let you download with fast speed, Windows 8 ISO (from the official source) which is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 Bit operating system and serves as a bootable DVD.

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