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If you are still using Microsoft Windows 8.1, we recommkết thúc you at least begin considering what OS you will use in the future. It’s mid-2021 and Win 8.1 will shuffle off the mortal coil in January 2023. You can still qualify for a không tính phí upgrade to lớn Windows 10 if you own a valid Windows 8.1 license, despite the fact that Microsoft formally ended its upgrade program five sầu years ago. Additionally, Windows 10 has the same system requirements as Windows 8.1, so if you can run the latter, you can also run the former.

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Even though Windows 11 has been announced, upgrading to lớn Windows 10 has several advantages. First, Windows 11 may not tư vấn your hardware if it’s old enough to still be running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows 10, on the other h&, was compatible with virtually everything Windows 8.1 would run on. Windows 10 will also be supported through 2025, which gives you an extra two full years of tư vấn before needing to figure out an alternative solution.

If you are somehow still stuông chồng on Windows 8.0 and bởi not want khổng lồ go to lớn the hassle of a full OS swap, we recommkết thúc running Windows Update immediately and downloading all available patches for your system, including the Windows 8.1 update, which will likely be offered lớn you by default. If you want to download just the Windows 8.1 update files, you can vì so here.

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Windows 8.1 has been released. If you’re using Windows 8, upgrading lớn Windows 8.1 is both easy và không tính tiền. If you’re using another operating system (Windows 7, Windows XPhường, OS X), you can either buy a boxed version ($1đôi mươi for normal, $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro), or opt for one of the không tính tiền methods listed below. To download và install Windows 8.1 for miễn phí, follow the guide below.

How to download Windows 8.1 for free

If you don’t want lớn wait for October 17 or 18, there are two options for downloading Windows 8.1: You can obtain a copy (and a license key) from a friend/colleague with an MSDoanh Nghiệp, TechNet, or DreamSpark (student) subscription, or you can download a Windows 8.1 RTM ISO from your favorite file-sharing website (The Pirate Bay, Mega, etc.)

While we’re not going to write a guide on how to obtain Windows 8.1 RTM from non-official sources, we will at least tell you to check the SHA-1 hash of the ISO that you download khổng lồ make sure that it’s legitimate. If you hit up the MSDoanh Nghiệp Subscriber Downloads page, and then click Details under the version that you’ve sầu obtained from elsewhere, you’ll find the SHA-1 hash. If you then use File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) on the ISO, the hash should match. If it doesn’t, assume the ISO has been compromised & tải về another. (But vì make sure that you’re checking the right SHA-1 hash on the MSDoanh Nghiệp website; your ISO might be mislabeled).

The other easier, and completely legal, option is khổng lồ tải về the Windows 8.1 Previews from Microsoft. It’s not as snappy as the final (RTM/GA) build, though, & has quite a few bugs/missing features. Bear in mind that if you go down this road, upgrading to a real version of Windows 8.1 will require a few more steps (discussed in the next section).

How to lớn install Windows 8.1 for free

Once you have sầu the Windows 8.1 ISO on your hard drive, the installation process is painless. Before you begin, you should consider backing up your important files và documents, but it’s not really necessary. You should also ensure that you have sầu plenty of không tính tiền hard drive space (20GB+).

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If you’re already running Windows 8 & you downloaded the RTM ISO from somewhere other than the Windows Store, you can install Windows 8.1 by mounting the downloaded ISO in Explorer by double-clicking it, & then running the installer. If you’re on Windows 7, XP.., or (bless your soul) Vista, you’ll need to burn the ISO to a USB thumb drive sầu or DVD, or mount the ISO using a third-buổi tiệc ngọt virtual drive tool, lượt thích Magic ISO.

If you already have sầu Windows 8, and you waited for the official release date, installing Windows 8.1 is as simple as visiting the Windows Store & downloading the miễn phí update.

In both these cases, the tăng cấp process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved. If you nâng cấp from Windows 8.1 PĐánh Giá, however, you will lose your installed apps, unless you first run a cversion.ini removal utility.

Once you’ve sầu installed Windows 8.1, you should kiểm tra out our extensive collection of Windows 8.1 tips and tricks, & be sure khổng lồ kiểm tra our Windows 8.1 nhận xét and hands-on impressions to lớn ensure that you’re making the most of all the new features.

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